Sp?cialis?e dans la production, l?extraction et la mise en bouteille de l'huile d'olive

P O Box 102 Houmet Souk DJERBA

Phone : +216 75 650 123

Fax : +216 75 650 717

E-mail : contact@ibnsina-oliveoil.com

Who we are?

Specialized in the production, extraction and bottling of olive oil of premium quality, Huilerie Ibn Sina is a family company was created in April 2, 2005, to concretize an experience passed on from generation to generation in the cultivation of olive trees and producing olive oil.

From 1930 until 1970, Huilerie Ibn Sina began its activity in the domain of olive and oil with the traditional method. Then she pursued between 1970 and 2003 with the super press method ; to finally work on the continuous chain since 2003.

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